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1.  All players must complete a membership application before entering the field.

2.  Shin-guards must be worn at all times.

3.  Shin-guards and all hard braces must be covered.

4.  Turf shoes and indoor shoes may be used. Any questionable shoes must be approved by manager.

5.  Teams must have one light jersey and one dark jersey, home team is responsible for change.

6. A player may only play on one team per division. (Rosters are set by week three and must be handed into management).

7. Teams are responsible for their players and fans behavior. If undesirable behavior persists, the team will receive a (2) minute team penalty.

8. All time penalties must be served in there entirety.
Blue Card = (2) minutes (if player is given an additional blue card for decent or un-sportsman like conduct for the same incident, time penalty will increase to 4 minutes).
Yellow Card = (4) minutes.
Red Card = (5) minutes and ejection from game and building .
8a.  A player will be ejected after they have accumulated 3 Blue Cards, 1 Blue Card and 1 Yellow Card, or any accumulation of timed penalties exceeding (5) minutes.

8b. All accumulation of penalties (i.e. 2 blue cards, 3 blue cards, or 1 blue/1 yellow) will be written up and documented. This also includes red cards.

8c. Any player ejected from a game will not be allowed to remain in the building for that day,

and will not be allowed back in the building until his/her suspension is over.

8d.   PSC reserves the right to implement suspensions for players who continually accumulate

cardable offenses, with reviews being done on a monthly basis.

8e. Any person serving a suspension, will not be allowed back in the building, until

the ENTIRE suspension has been served.

9. Any ejected player or spectator causing trouble from the stands or entering either player’s box/field will be removed from building. If person refuses to leave, the game will be considered a forfeit.

10.  Any person or persons that enter the field in the event of an altercation (on the field), will result in a termination of game. (Result of game will be determined by management after consulting with referees on duty.)

11. A guaranteed substitution will be granted only: after a goal, injury, start of game or half, or beginning of shoot-out (Short-handed team will not be granted a guaranteed substitution).

12.  All free kicks are direct (including kick-off).

13.  Kick-off can go forward or backward.

14.  Ball hitting the ceiling gets restarted at nearest red line or center line.

15.  Ball hitting the wall above the red line will restart no more than 2 feet from the wall.

16.  Team has 5 seconds to put the ball into play after the referee signals to play.

17. Defensive team is required to give 10 feet on all free kicks. First failure to do so will result in a verbal warning for (delay of game) to the team and player. Second occurrence will result in a (2) minute time penalty. In the case of un-sportsman like conduct a (2) minute time penalty will be given automatically.

18.  All players must enter and exit form the field using the doors.

19. Opposing team must give goalie opportunity to play the ball to the field. If foul becomes constant a (2) minute time penalty will be given.

20.  Teams must have a designated keeper at all times.

21.  Goalkeeper has 5 seconds to clear the ball from penalty area once controlled with hands or feet.

22.  Goalkeeper can not bounce the ball once it is under control. Ball is considered in play once it touches the floor.

23.  Goalkeepers use of hands = can only use hands on a shot, deflection, head-ball by keepers team, miss-kick, or any time touch last by opposing team.

24. Hand ball on Keeper will result in a (2) minute time penalty, served by a team member. (Keeper can only be ejected by an issuing of a red card).

25.  Team can only change keeper on a guaranteed substitution.

26. In the result of a goal kick, keeper play the ball to him/herself. He/she must play the ball to a teammate outside of the goal/penalty area by rolling, throwing or punting the ball.

27.  In the result of a corner kick ball will be played from the red dot on either side of the goal.

28.  Time will only stop in case of:
A.  27 minute games - 2 minutes left in game time only if the game is within 2 points
B.  24 minute games - 1 minute left in game time only if the game is within 1 point.
C.  injury (player must be substituted off the field if time is stopped for injury).
29. Shoot-out will be awarded for:
A. Accumulation of 6 fouls for co-ed/youth/women and 4 fouls for men/varsity leagues.
B. Any (2) minute time penalty inside the penalty area.
C. Last-man/Breakaway foul (Clear break away or goal scoring opportunity BEHIND the last defender going towards the goal.)
30.  Teams must have 3 players plus keeper on the field at all times or game will be considered a forfeit.

31. If three time penalties are accumulated at the same time, game will be considered a forfeit.

32. Fouls that do not count towards the foul count:
A. 5 second rule on restarts
B. any time penalty or team warning
C. Change of possession (double touch, verbal warnings, ect.)
33.  Absolutely no spitting on the field, an automatic (2) minute time penalty will be given.

34. Absolutely no whistling on the field, if caught a warning will be issued. If foul persists a (2) minute time penalty will be given.

35. Referee abuse will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

36. Spectators are not allowed in player’s boxes. Players and two coaches only (if team refuses to clear their box play of game will stop and will be considered a forfeit).

37.  Shoot-out procedure:
A. If time expires before shoot-out is started. The clock will be set for (:05) and will be 1 on 1.
B. Clock does not stop unless the above rule applies.
C.  All players start at the mid-field line except shooter.
D.  Keeper will start on goal line.
E.  Ball becomes live on referees whistle (there is no limit of touches and shots from shooter.)
F.  If shooter is fouled by keeper it will be considered a last-man/breakaway foul, a (2) minute time penalty will be given and shoot-out will be retaken.
G.  teams may substitute keepers at this time.
38. No!!!!!! Slide tackling. A slide tackle will result in a 2 minute penalty. If a second slide tackle is called against the same player, the player will be issued an automatic red card. This includes goalies playing outside of their penalty area (a slide-tackle from behind, will also warrant an automatic red card and a 5 minute penalty).

39. Team in possession of a kick-off, may not move past the center line until the ball is touched by a teammate (forward or backwards).

40. No hard casts will be allowed on the field of play.

41. All payments are final. NO REFUNDS

42. All protests must be filed prior to the end of the game. A protest fee of $10.00 is required before protest will be considered. Fee is refundable if protest is awarded. NO protest will be considered after the end of the game.

Additional Rules for Coed

1.  Must have at least 2 women on the field at all times.

2.  No more than 3 men on the field at all times.

3. Any team time penalty or keeper time penalty must be served by a male player. During the penalty, the team must play the entire 2 minutes with no more than 2 male players on the field (2 male players including the keeper if the keeper is a male player).

4.  All women goals are two points.

5.  If there is a female keeper, all free-kicks from the red line or inside the red line must be taken by a female.

6.  In the event of an own goal or deflection goal will be awarded to the last player to touch the ball on the opposing team.

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